Agape Feast

Sunday, November 20, 2016

When Christians began to write down the life and teachings of Jesus, the Greek language offered them a number of choices of words that expressed the idea of love. Christians chose the word Agape, and defined it as a self-giving love; the sort of love Jesus had for his disciples—the sort of love that God has for human beings. It was a short time before Christians began to refer to their Sunday evening worship as an “Agape Feast” or, a Love Feast. The first Christian church used worship as a time to gather for teaching, reading of Scriptures, and sharing at table—not just sharing bread and wine of the Eucharist, but sharing breads, fruits, and ordinary, everyday foods within the liturgical acts of worship.

It is a long standing tradition in our congregation  to observe this worship practice every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. So on Sunday, November 20, we are inviting all church members to bring some food that can easily be shared in worship: breads, muffins, fruits, and other foods that can easily be eaten. We will have three table buffets set up in Fellowship Hall, and before the end of worship, we will leave the sanctuary and go into Fellowship Hall to eat together, share conversation, and conclude our worship with prayer and song. Please bring your food items to share to the kitchen that Sunday morning before worship.

We will also be dedicating our tithes and gifts for the 2017 budget year at that service. Baskets will be placed at the front of the sanctuary so that we can enact our giving by walking forward and placing our “Estimate of Giving Cards” as well as our Sunday offerings in those baskets. Both of these practices are ways that we live out our gratitude to God in acts of thanksgiving and praise.