Crop Walk, October 9

The Annual CROP Walk is scheduled for Sunday, October 9 from 2:00-5:30 p.m. at 2600 Hampden Drive in Lansing. Members are encouraged to walk, rock, or support those who do through donations and prayer. In addition to raising funds to alleviate hunger, the walk itself draws attention to the problems of hunger and income inequality.

The money gathered by walkers will be used to combat hunger in Lansing, the U. S., and the world. In Lansing, one-fourth of the funds go to agencies such as Advent House, the Haslett Community Food Pantry, and the Garden Project of the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

This year, the Presbyterian Church of Okemos will be recognized with two plaques at STEM Academy. The first is for the greatest number of walkers in 2015 — 57, an all-time high. And the second is for the largest contribution among participating units — $14,161.72 in 2015.

In our 38 years of participating, kids as young as six weeks old, elders over 90, and people in between have participated as walkers and rockers, garnering nearly $280,000 to fight hunger.

Over 40 of our church’s 57 walkers who participated in the Lansing CROP Walk in October, 2015, gathered at the STEM Academy.  PCO member contributions totaled more than $14,000 to fight hunger in Lansing, the U. S., and the world. 

Kids walk, play football, and enjoy the CROP Walk in southwestern Lansing.  On Oct. 13, 2010, one of them wrote, “it was so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun.” At right, youth are delighted at finishing the 6.2-mile route (10 kilometers) and at matching a challenge of $2,000 in funds raised.
Ron Dorr, honorary marshal of the 2016 Lansing CROP Walk, is surrounded by images of some of the 50-100 of the members of the Presbyterian Church of Okemos who have walked and rocked during the last 38 years.

Join the walking/rocking this year, or sponsor a walker/rocker!