New Hearing Loop System in Sanctuary

A hearing loop system has been installed around the perimeter of the sanctuary.  The loop projects a magnetic signal to a telecoil (T-coil) receiver, found in the majority of hearing aids manufactured today.  Ask your audiologist if you are unsure about your hearing aid’s ability to acquire this signal.

If you have a hearing aid with a T-coil, the loop system will allow your hearing aid to become a personal sound system. It will pick up the sound directly from the microphone.  Background noise is blocked.

Just before the service, activate by switching your hearing aid to the “T” position.

If your hearing aid does not having a T-coil feature or if you do not have hearing aids, you will still be able to use the Sound Mates located just outside the sanctuary in fellowship hall.  In addition, we will have two hearing aid loop receivers that will be available for use. This system has been provided through contributions to the church’s Memorial Fund.