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This page provides links to documents and forms for our church members.

Groups and Committees

An overview of key groups and committees. Find a way to be involved! Click Here.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Your skills can be used for God’s work. Look at our list of volunteer job descriptions to find an opportunity, Click Here.

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Advent House Meal Preparation

The Presbyterian Church of Okemos expects to commit to some dates in 2018 for preparing and serving at Advent House. If you are interested in helping, contact Bill Given.

Here’s a site that has a good variety of recipes for feeding 100+ folks (the pulled pork and the taco bar [with ground beef] caught my attention–other recipes could work as well):

Volunteer meal providers usually provide the entree, including meat, potatoes/rice/pasta, and vegetable (salad is not big with the group but I’ve seen folks enjoy it with ranch dressing and Parmesan cheese); dessert is always popular and engages the bakers among your volunteers. Keep in mind that many folks have dental problems, so it’s best to avoid food that is hard to bite or chew. We have those among our guests who are diabetic and have really appreciated when there is a sugar-free dessert option.

Forms and Documents

2019 Endowment Grant Application (The application is in pdf format and is a fillable form. If you browser does not support forms, download the form and open with Adobe Acrobat or a compatible pdf reader. Or, you can print the form blank and then write-in the information.)

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Time and Talent Survey –  This information helps church leaders match your skills with opportunities to share God’s love through service. Follow the link or click the document image to load the pdf document. Return the form to Laurie’s mailbox or put in offering plate any time during the year.

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Reflection and Summary, 2017 – A reflection and summary of the every member visitation.

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Long-Range Planning Calendar

The Planning Calendar is NOT to be confused with the Event Calendar. This calendar is used by leadership to make long range plans. Sometimes events are changed at the last minute and this calendar may not be updated. Recognize that dates here are tentative for planning purposes.