Simbolei 2016

In summer 2016, PCO member Andrea Kaitany led ten volunteers in a week-long literacy education project in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Among the volunteers were Mission Committee chair Ellen Hoekstra as well as others from our community.

Ellen Hoekstra and other Simbolei volunteers appreciating Kenya’s magnificent scenery enroute to Iten, where the volunteer work will take place.
Enjoying Kenyan Scenery


Andrea Kaitany, teachers, and volunteers enjoying the drawings Kenyan students are creating, based on the book that she read and the puppet show by the volunteers.
Kenya, 2016 212


Lunchtime for young Kenyan students, while the Simbolei volunteers set up their puppet show, sending the message that reading is fun and important for their futures.
Kenya, 2016 310


Kenyan “Baby class” pupils—ages 3-5—are curious about the visiting volunteers but also a little shy.
Kenya, 2016 363