Christian Education is a lifelong process. We provide opportunities for all ages during the academic year and selected Sundays during summer. In addition to the weekly activities found below, we have special events such as Church Family Camp and Vacation Bible School.

Classes are on Sundays from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm during the school year.



Our nursery is staffed year-round to provide a safe and caring environment for our youngest during the education hour, the 10:00 am worship service, and during special events.

Wee Believe, Age 3–Pre-K


Lead Teacher: Barbara Fretwell-Cooke

The preschool Sunday School will be using the Wee Believe curriculum again this year. Children will learn the answers to the questions “Who are you?” and “Who loves you?” through stories from the Old and New Testaments. This fall, preschoolers will learn the stories of Creation, Moses, and Samuel.

Godly Play, Grades K–2

Lead Teacher: Eunice Creswell

Godly Play will begin exploring stories in the Old Testament. Story telling is done using small figures and other items with lots of hands-on activities.

We Believe, Grades 3–5


Lead Teacher: Mike Townley

Children in grades 3–5 will use the We Believe curriculum this year. In the fall, they will be focusing on the Old Testament. They will learn a number of Psalms, in addition to the story of the Ark of the Covenant. Through both of these, they will discuss different ways to praise God. In December, they will begin discussing Jesus as the son of David, Joseph, Mary, and God.

Middle School, Grades 6–8

Lead Teachers: Emily Conroy-Krutz and Tom Schaberg

Middle Schoolers begin to use a curriculum loosely based on the lectionary readings for the week. Sunday School then becomes a time to think more deeply about what they heard in worship and start to apply it to their own lives. Coordinating with the Youth Group and Adult Education program, they will also discuss mission work, particularly in connection to the CROP Walk in October.

High School, Grades 9–12


Lead Teachers: Roy and Christine Meland

The High School students meet weekly to discuss current events from a Christian perspective. Using the newspaper as a starting point, students have the chance to talk about how their faith shapes their life outside of church.